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Ready to move away from back, shoulder and neck pain? Perhaps you want the advice of an experienced yoga and functional movement teacher to help you get stronger and more mobile. Are you a yoga teacher looking for inspiration and some clear “how to” tips to incorporate modern movement science into your teaching? I love to help inspire and motivate people to move better and feel better. Click here or connect with me to learn more.



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Teacher Training

I have been helping to educate yoga teachers
for more than 20 years. Both I and the team at Inspired Yoga Institute offer a number of courses designed for those who want to teach or simply know more about yoga!
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1-to-1 Coaching

Learn how you can move better, be stronger and feel more capable on your yoga mat and in the world. In your 1-to-1 sessions we focus completely on you and what you need to build resilience.
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Through ancient and modern teachings of yoga, I aim to inspire you to learn more about yourself, not just physically through yoga practice, but also mentally and spiritually. I offer public drop in classes through Journey Yoga.

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Registered Classes

I offer intentionally small registered hatha yoga classes at the intermediate level in my private studio. These exclusive 6-week sessions are designed to be fun and challenging, with time for explanation and exploration.

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About Nora

My Story

For 30 years, I have had the honor of guiding students on a journey of self-discovery through yoga.

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Online Store

Online Store

All products are available for purchase through Nora’s online store, and all items are available for pick-up. Contact Nora for pick-up details.

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Stay up to date with Nora and find some valuable insight in her blog.

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Videos + More

Get tips on your yoga practice or join Nora for an online class anytime, from anywhere!

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NEW registered classes in Fall 2019

It's Your Move ...
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Happy Clients


I really love your teaching, you are so honest and genuine, and you infuse such joy! I just wanted you to know that for me, as a new-ish teacher, you are really an amazing role model, and I hope that I can share my love of yoga with my students as much as you do with yours! So thank you again!



I feel so grateful to have found your yoga classes and to be one of your students. Your passion for yoga and your warm spirit shine through in your teaching and I feel privileged to be one of your students. Thank you, you are blessed with a gift.

– Michelle


I so enjoy you as an instructor Nora and always learn so much. You explain well and have helped me “get it” where others have not.

– Ann

WhatsApp: +1 403-992-2069

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