Registered & Drop-in Classes

Nora swinging on a swing in a playgroup in the sunshine

Intermediate Hatha

Using functional sequencing and alignment, these intermediate yoga classes are designed to be fun and challenging. Part regular class and part workshop, each class will take you on a journey through a specific movement, a pose or series of poses that we will explore with some detail.

At 90 minutes each, you will have the time you need to fully explore and play with the featured movements and poses. You can expect to get upside down and to explore hand balances and backbends, too

To ensure that you have a great experience, registration is capped at 12 people. Pre-registration and payment are required before attending.

Being part of a registered class is your opportunity to expand your practice with the support of a senior teacher and a group of like-minded yogis. Join us!

6-week registered sessions
Bluebird Studio, Journey Yoga
Minimum 8 registrations. Maximum 12.
$120 + gst

Session Dates
Nov 7 – Dec 12, 2019 • 5:30-7:00 pm – WAITLIST
Jan 9 – Feb 13, 2020 • 5:30-7:00 pm

Your tuition holds your mat space in the session for which you are registered. Missed classes cannot be carried forward.

Nora lying on the floor on a spinal strip doing a Critical Alignment exercise

Pure Restorative

“This practice meets people where they are. It is designed to encourage self-inquiry, reflection, and change, not perfection – the universe has already taken care of that part.” ~ Leann Carey from Restorative Yoga Therapy

Step outside our fast-paced world and be still, with support, a few minutes at a time. Props and longer holds invite you to settle in and become more attuned to what is going on in this moment.

Well supported poses reveal to us where our bodies may be stiff, restricted, or overworked. What you observe in restorative pose can provide a roadmap for understanding what is working well for you as well as what is not. 

All you need is support and then stillness.

6-week registered session
$120 + gst

Session Dates
Jan 9 – Feb 13, 2020 • 7:30-8:45 pm

Your tuition holds your mat space in the session for which you are registered. Missed classes cannot be carried forward.

Nora with her skeleton showing how the shoulder joint moves

Yoga for Backs - Drop In

You are how you move! Explore slow-paced, mindful movement exercises under the guidance of a senior teacher who will help you improve your strength, mobility, as well as your awareness of your body. Based on Critical Alignment Therapy, restorative exerices and functional movement, these classes will help you reduce your pain and stiffness so that you feel better and move better.

Tuesday 5:30PM. Sign up with Journey Yoga and Wellness.

Nora adjusting a student who is in downward dog

Hatha Yoga - Drop In

Modern life is fast enough, your yoga practice doesn’t have to be! Hatha yoga is a slower-paced and potent functional movement oriented practice. Asanas (yoga poses) are explored with an eye to both traditional form and good biomechanics. Drawing on many lineages, these well-rounded sessions integrate strength, flexibility and stillness, addressing your body and mind in equal measure. You can expect personal modifications, time to feel into the poses, and a playful, supportive environment. All practitioners are welcome.

Tuesday 6:45PM, Thursday 9:30AM. Sign up with Journey Yoga and Wellness.

1-to-1 Coaching

One-to-one private coaching sessions are all about you and your goals. Let me help you invest in the kind of long-term, sustainable movement strategies that will empower you to thrive! If you want a comprehensive understanding of how you are currently moving (or not moving!) and how those movements may not be serving you, then private coaching with me may be just what you need! Each time we meet for a private session, I take into account your energy and stress levels, your injuries and your personal goals.

  • Meet at my private studio
  • Meet at your home or office
  • Meet online through Zoom or Skype