Classes with Nora


5:15-6:30 pm – Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy – Yoga for Backs: Inspired Yoga Institute
6:45-8:00 pm – Multi-Level Hatha: Inspired Yoga Institute


1:30-3:00 pm – Intermediate/Advanced Hatha @ Renfrew Studio
6:15-7:45 pm – Multi-Level Hatha: Inspired Yoga Institute


10:00-11:15 am – Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy – Yoga for Backs: Inspired Yoga Institute
12:05-12:50 pm – Hatha:  LIV Yoga + Wellness


1:30-3:00 pm – Wise Women Yoga @ Renfew Studio
6:15-7:45 pm – Intermediate Hatha: Inspired Yoga Institute


9:00-10:30 am – Multi-Level Hatha: Inspired Yoga Institute

Yoga improves your sense of well-being by increasing flexibility, improving circulation, building strength and stamina, better balance and deeper concentration. The beauty of yoga is that it integrates all of you with the real you: it challenges your body, it clears your mind, it moves your stuck emotional energy and inspires you to live a more balanced and awakened life.

Through ancient and modern traditions of yoga, I aim to inspire you to learn more about yourself – not just physically through yoga practice, but also mentally and spiritually.

My teaching style is directive and detailed. I apply my knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics plus more than 25 years of teaching to guide you safely through well-rounded asana classes. Equally important to improving flexibility, strength and stamina through poses is my focus on yoga philosophy. You can expect to be challenged up to your safe physical edge while you explore the yoga of body, mind and heart.

My Inspired Yoga Institute classes are offered as Drop-Ins. To make a reservation, please sign in to your preferred class in advance on MindBody Online.


Critical Alignment Therapy – Yoga for Backs
Learn techniques to move your body with good alignment. Using props for support, you will move your shoulders, hips and spine without compensations so that you can begin to experience freedom and relaxation in these areas. This slow-moving and supported class is based on Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy techniques and will help you discover how to move your body in a more functional and healthy way. This class is capped at 12 participants to allow room for individual guidance and adjustments. (Open to All) Monday @ 5:15PM, Wednesday @ 10:00AM

Hatha @ LIV
Hatha Yoga is “the study of asana.” A classic practice encouraged for beginners to build a strong foundation and advanced practitioners to explore and refine their practice. Practitioners can expect pranayama (breath work), classic yoga posture, detailed instruction for alignment and some longer holds. Physically, one will notice increased tone and flexibility while calming the mind + body.
(Open to All) Wednesday @ 12:05PM Sign up with LIV

Intermediate Hatha
Explore dynamic yoga poses such as standing balances, arm balances, back bends and inversions as well as a variety of seated poses guaranteed to mobilize your spine, hips and shoulders. This workshop-style class often incorporates  Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy techniques and will challenge even the most experienced yoga practitioners while offering a supportive environment to solidify and deepen your yoga practice. (Intermediate to Advanced) Tuesday @ 1:30PM (Renfrew Studio – contact Nora for details)

Multi-Level Hatha
These all-levels hatha yoga classes are ideal for you if you like to focus on good alignment while working with variations of traditional yoga poses. Suggestions will be offered to support you in modifying the level of challenge while encouraging you to work within your individual capacity. All categories of yoga postures are included in these classes. (Beginner to Advanced) Monday 6:45PM, Tuesday 6:15PM, Thursday 6:15PM, Saturday 9AM

Wise Women Yoga
Wise Woman Yoga is designed for women 50+ years of age. It is intended for experienced yoga practitioners who want to maintain a healthy and vital lifestyle. This class offers a slower pace while exploring all categories of yoga postures in a way that fits the needs of our changing bodies. We currently have a maximum of 6 women, so you are encouraged to sign up online prior to the class to secure your place. Classes are followed by tea. Please contact me for location details. (Beginner to Advanced) Thursday 1:30PM. (Renfrew Studio – contact Nora for details)

Teacher Training

Inspired Yoga Institute currently provides accredited Yoga Alliance teacher training programs and courses. We believe in the value of hands-on practical skills, small class sizes, individual attention and constructive feedback. For [...]

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Studio Information

INSPIRED YOGA INSTITUTE #202, 819 17th Ave. SW Calgary, AB

+1 403-992-2069

The Inspired Yoga Institute features a well-appointed classroom with beautiful natural light, high ceilings and a cork floor. This simple [...]

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