What you will get from Nora’s classes is many-fold. Primarily, you will learn more about yourself – not just physically through yoga practice, but also mentally and spiritually. With this knowledge you can feel even more comfortable about who, what and where you are in this moment, and move forward from this understanding.

“Understanding my point of view allows me to get real with myself … to respect what I have to offer.”

Here’s how Nora explains it: “Understanding my point of view allows me to get more clear on who I am, what I do and what I am able to offer as a yoga student, teacher, wife, mother, etc. It allows me to ‘get real’ with myself; to respect what I have to offer without hyperbole or false modesty.”

For maximum flexibility, all Nora’s Yoga Salon classes are offered as Drop-Ins. You may purchase single, 5, 10 or 20 class passes and apply to any of the classes. To reserve your spot, please sign in to your preferred class in advance on MindBody Online.