Yoga Props

Props for sale

  • Yoga Strap: New $18 Used $10
  • Yoga Block: Used Foam $8 – 4 left
  • Chip Foam Block: Used $3 – 4 left
  • Bolster: Used $40 – 9 left
  • Cotton Blanket: Used $20 – 16 left
  • Critical Alignment Felt Pad: Used $25 – 4 left
  • Critical Alignment Spinal Strip: Used $10 – 9 left
  • Headstander: Used $149 – 4 left

Select your props in my ONLINE STORE.  Send me an email or text to arrange for curbside pick-up in Renfrew, Calgary.

DIY Props

Don’t let the lack of props at home keep you from getting on your mat with me! Here are some ideas for substitutes:

  • Yoga Strap: use the belt from your bathrobe, the belt that holds up your trousers, a skipping rope
  • Yoga Block: cans from your pantry are stable and great to use in triangle and other poses
  • Chip Foam Block: most often they are used for sitting or knee padding. A folded blanket or towel will work as well.
  • Bolster: roll up a blanket into a cylinder