Living with Intention:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

THRIVE. Yes, I want to thrive! This is my word, contemplation and intention for the summer … and possibly the rest of the year. And … yes, for the rest of my one wild and precious life!

This is going to be a summer of self care in the best possible way. I am in charge of my well being and my one wild and precious life. I am responsible for making sure that I thrive. It has been the driving force behind my recovery from injury over the past year.

I’m excited to explore what thriving means to me, and most importantly, how to implement this intention into each and every day.

So far, I understand that thriving includes and also reaches beyond the basics of good sleep, healthy movement, and good nutrition. It’s more than how I care for my body and mind, my heart and soul. It’s also about how I treat myself, and how I let others treat me, too. It includes creating boundaries (saying “no” to a request is a valid response if my heart’s not in it!) and making room for the quiet time that is so healthy for me. It’s also about having an open heart and also not clinging to expectations.

Thriving will be woven deeply into the yoga and therapy I share this fall. I can already feel the murmur of excitement as I continue to study biomechanics and philosophy, read great fiction, move my body in new ways and explore the possibilities of new adventures.

Thriving is also about figuring out what sparks joy in my heart and soul. This is what I want to share with others! This is what I want to do with my wild and oh so very precious life.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


PS: To help me thrive, I will “unplug” for some vacation adventures from Aug. 20 until Labour Day. Until then, look for me at a yoga class, on my bike, digging in my backyard and hanging out with my family!