Move better. Feel better. Live better.


Yoga + Functional Movement
Yoga poses invite our bodies to move in many unique ways, especially those movements we don’t normally invite into our day-to-day activities. As such, yoga poses provide an effective way to improve your ability to move freely and easily. The same is true of functional movement. Through yoga and functional movement you are invited to move better and feel better. And when you move and feel better, life is better, too.

What to expect
As a yoga teacher and functional movement coach, I am interested in science of human movement and helping you improve how you feel and move each day. In a yoga class or private session we may explore your ability to bend, twist, reach, push and pull through yoga poses, movement methodology, somatic exercises, relaxation techniques, and more. If you have sustained an injury or have a condition that causes pain or movement restrictions, we may explore supportive ways to help you regain mobility and reduce your pain.

What I bring

  • 30+ years of yoga study and practice
  • 30+ years of teaching yoga classes, workshops, retreats
  • 20+ years of leading yoga teacher training and professional development
  • 17+ years as a certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Critical Alignment™  teacher
  • Certified Personal Trainer in Restorative Exercise through Nutritious Movement™
  • Current and ongoing studies in anatomy, yoga biomechanics, somatics, pain science

“The beauty of yoga is that it integrates all aspects of you with yourself: it challenges your body, it clears your mind, it moves your stuck emotional energy and it inspires you to live a more balanced and awakened life. Yoga, in all its traditions and variations, is the path through which you can understand yourself more fully.”

Nora Maskey

Thank you Nora. I love your classes. I have experienced more presence and glimpsed the possibility of peace and calm in my practice. I do have some challenges with my physiology but feel more optimistic that I can work with them with your support. – Judy

I feel so grateful to have found your yoga classes and to be one of your students. Your passion for yoga and your warm spirit shine through in your teaching and I feel privileged to be one of your students. Thank you, you are blessed with a gift. – Michelle

I so enjoy you as an instructor Nora and always learn so much. You explain well and have helped me “get it” where others have not. – Ann

I just wanted to let you know how your pre-talk to us last night really agreed with me! When you mentioned that yoga makes you “feel stronger”  it really resonated with me. I came to work today (looking good, as I felt good) and ready to face any challenge that was thrown my way. Your reasons for returning to your mat are very true for many of us and even though I don’t return to my mat as often as you do, I know when I do it is very valuable to my being. Thanks for being so honest with us. It makes our practice more meaningful too! – Colleen