Critical Alignment Tuesdays

Improve your mobility, breathing and coordination through Critical Alignment Yoga.

Using specialized props, including  the spinal strip and a rolled felt pad, you will explore ways to release tension in your upper back, neck, shoulders, low back and hips.

Required Props:
  • Spinal strip
  • Felt pad
  • Shoulder stand block
  • Yoga strap with a buckle

Registrations are limited to 15 participants. All registrants will automatically receive 7-day access to the class recording. That way if you can’t be with us live, you can still enjoy the practice!


Tuesdays 7:00pm MDT
March 30-June 15, 2021

Semester Tuition: $125 + gst
Half Semester Tuition: $70 + gst
Drop in (if available) $13 + gst

5% tax