For me, 2012 was a year of challenge, loss and growth. In many ways, I feel like I have been in a chrysalis over the past year. While a chrysalis is a place of growth and change, it is also a place of confinement. There reaches a time when the pupa or nymph held inside the chrysalis needs to spread its wings. I am ready to leave the chrysalis of 2012 behind and bust loose into the new Year!

To help me spread my wings, I want to keep on track with my intentions to be happy, healthy and whole. I have decided to create my own manifesto for well being. Here are some of my ideas. What do you want to manifest in 2013?

1. Write it down!
I forget things. When I forget things, I disappoint other people, not to mention myself. I have gone “old school” and purchased a paper day timer for 2013. It gives me more space to collect my thoughts and remember my appointment details than my iCal does. Oh, and it has butterflies on the cover!

2. Plan ahead for meals.
One of the things that I struggle with is eating optimally because my teaching schedule does not allow me to eat at regular times. Again, I am going “old school”. I asked Santa for a crock pot. Bring on the soups and healthy casseroles!

3. Stop rushing. Leave a bit earlier.
Life is busy. But, if I leave a bit earlier for appointments, I can drive more slowly and not feel the pressure of trying to get through slow traffic. I will use the alarm function on my phone to set departure times and leave when it goes off. What an easy stress reducer!

4. Create a new habit!
I recently read Charles Duhigg’s book “The Power of Habit”. It’s an easy read with lots of good information. Duhigg writes that 40% of all actions we perform each day are habits and that habits can be changed if we understand how they work. Habits also allow our brains to ramp down more often and give us more energy for creative functions. Sounds like a win-win to me!

5. Procrastinate less.
When I don’t like something, I can procrastinate indefinitely. This is not helpful for me or those who rely on me. Each day, multiple procrastination opportunities arise. Eventually the task will need to be completed so I will suck it up and get on with it! Perhaps dealing with things in a timely fashion can become a new habit!

6. Reach out and touch someone!
Relationships require effort. Part of that effort is staying in touch! I get so caught up in my work that I often don’t leave enough time for family and friends. There are many people in my life who I love dearly and want to spend more time with. This year I will make the effort!

7. Pause. Take a day off.
I like to be busy … up to a point. I noticed that my teaching schedule was filling to the point where I no longer had a day off. I took the life-affirming step of re-arranging my classes for 2013 to give me most Fridays and most Sundays off. Life-work balance in 2013, here we come!

8. Let it go. Simplify.
This is about “stuff”. I have more than I need and often hold onto items long past their usefulness. This is an ongoing project for me. Putting it on my manifesto is a reminder to keep up the process of letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose in my life. Being attached to “stuff” doesn’t feel good.

9. Let it go. Really!
This is about the other “stuff”. If I really want to bust loose and move into the new year with a fresh perspective, it is time to let go of some emotional baggage. This is perhaps the hardest item on the list. However, when I find myself falling into old thought patterns and responses to situations that don’t feel good, I can remember to let it go, let it go, let it go!

10. Mind my own Business!
I am blessed with doing what I love, but that still comes with roles and responsibilities behind the scenes. This year I want to focus on keeping on top of the detail work that I don’t particularly enjoy. See the item on procrastination! When I keep things up to date with my business tasks, I reduce my stress level and enjoy what I do more.

11. Volunteer
This year, I will volunteer expand my volunteer efforts to something unrelated to my professional work. I want to give back to the city that has given me so much.

12. Open to new possibilities.
This is easy to say, but not always easy to follow through on. Possibilities don’t always present themselves in a way we recognize. I will ask myself “What if …?” more often this year!

These are just a few thoughts on what I would like to manifest in 2013. They are all about the yoga of daily living! I invite you to create your own list and bring on the new year!

Happy Manifesting!