This week in classes, I have read the fable of the Tittibha birds and the Ocean. While there are many perspectives to this tale from Indian folklore, I have focused on the moral of determination winning out over doubt. In asana practice, hand balances like Tittibhasana require us to draw into our strength and overcome the natural fear of holding ourselves up with our arms. They require us to cultivate determination over doubt.

Transplanted Trees

Cultivating determination is required for any challenge or project we face in our lives, and the new Yoga Salon is no different for me. To be certain, I have doubt. Lots of it. Will people be willing to come to class in yet another new location? I have been a bit of a nomad these past three years! Will people like the space? Heck, will I like the space when it is all fixed up? How will it turn out? And the biggest doubt of all … What am I thinking taking on another project like this? This is a long-term commitment!

Yet, in the face of all my doubts, I am determined to move forward! I am working towards creating a space worthy of all you who take classes with me. This will be a place we can call home. While I know that no place can ever be perfect, I am really excited about having a room with natural light, no posts or pillars, a good amount of wall space and a nice floor.

What excites me the most is being able to have all the yoga props we need to do more with our practices. I am really looking forward to purchasing enough blocks, bricks, blankets and straps for everyone to use. I will be placing a big order with Halfmoon Yoga Products on Thursday, April 26 – the day before I leave to co-teach a weekend retreat at Quantum Leaps Lodge. Some of you have expressed interest in adding some items to the order. Please visit the Halfmoon site and send me an email to let me know what you would like to piggy-back on my order.

RENOVATION UPDATE: There has been a lot of transformation happening in the Yoga Salon in the past week. I have finished painting as much as I can and the space looks much brighter with yellow paint instead of brown. The doors to the cabinets that were removed (photos in the last blog) have now been hung on the wall over the stairwell. That project was definitely about determination over doubt. Each of the trees is very heavy and hung over the stairs. My hubby and I discussed whether the effort to hang them was worth the result. Determination won out and my hubby was ingenious is creating a scaffold over the stairs to do this safely. See the photo above.

Our new bathroom has been framed in. The plumber and electrician will be in over the next week to work on the bathroom and the following week it will be drywalled and painted. This weekend the cork floor will be installed. I am also ordering window and door signs so you can find the Salon!

If everything continues to move along according to schedule, the very first class in the Yoga Salon will be on Saturday, May 5. So close … I can’t wait!