Over the past three days, I witnessed a hare make the transition from winter white to summer brown. I was impressed with how quickly this change happened!

I frequently feel like I am changing just like this hare, though these changes are slower and perhaps less noticeable because they are more internal. As I continue my quest to thrive, change is significant part of my journey. Some of these changes I embrace fully, others feel like a sad letting go.

I have let go of my Critical Alignment Yoga for Backs and Beyond at Inspired as of March 28. As much as I enjoy the people who come and the opportunity to share great explorations in mindful movement, I also have to be practical when expenses exceed income! If you would like to explore mindful movement practice with me, I will be offering drop-in classes at Breathing Room when it opens later in April. You can find me there on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:30 am.

I have also let go of my Friday lunchtime class at Yoga & Beyond. It has been replaced with a private corporate class that allows me to share my love of yoga + movement in another way!

Spring feels to me like a natural time of year to set intentions and explore expansion. One way in which I am doing this is by finishing my first e-book. I still have some editing to complete and some videos to record. My intention is that this book will eventually become part of a Continuing Education program for yoga teachers who are interesting in exploring mindful movement techniques either in classes or private sessions. Sharing this information with you feels like a giant step forward for me!

Now that I’ve made this announcement, I feel accountable for completing this project! Here is a draft of one of the videos that will accompany the e-book: CAT Exercise 1. I still need to edit this and the other videos in order to improve the sound and tweak some details. More information is coming soon!

What intentions do you want to set? How do you want to expand this spring? What do you want to put out into the Universe that will allow you to thrive?