Living with Intention:

Sometimes my life feels like a big game of peek-a-boo. Important details are concealed and then revealed, again and again and again – just the way my two-year-old niece and nephews like to play this game. They smile and giggle just a brightly the 20th time as they did the first time we cover and uncover our eyes to playfully explore the mystery of concealment and the joy of revelation.

That game looks a bit different at my age and yet I still feel joy when something is revealed.

Often, though, important details in my life are so well camouflaged that if feels like they are both right in front of me yet completely invisible. One of the reasons for this is that I try really hard to think my way to revelation. Lately, I have learned that this doesn’t always work for me.

I recently had a conversation with a spiritual teacher who offered me this simple advice: Listen. Stop the internal monologue; silence my inner voice, and – listen.

I followed this advice and – peek-a-boo! – the solution to a problem I have been puzzled by suddenly became so very clear!

As I write this, I can also hear the voice of a dear friend and teacher when she asks, “Is that true?” Great question! To receive an answer to this, I can think and think and think my way to the truth. Or, I can listen. Ask the question – pause – listen. Perhaps in truly listening, the answer will be revealed.

Concealment and revelation is a significant aspect of the dance of all our lives. If we look all around us, we see sign-posts that reveal solutions to many of our questions and challenges. For example, when I look at an image of Shiva the Dancer, I am reminded that this message is revealed in the imagery of his dance.

One of Shiva’s four hands is in the Abhaya mudra. His right hand is raised with the palm of the hand facing forwards. This simple and universal gesture represents blessing, protection and reassurance. It tells us there is nothing to fear. So, pause and listen, because fear is the first obstacle on the path of spiritual growth and insight. Fear blocks us from seeing a solution that may be right before our very eyes.

Thanks to listening to the wisdom of my teachers, I am learning to let go of my fear of not knowing; let go of my inner dialogue; to simply pause and to listen. In the silence, I hear my truth. In the silence my Self is revealed.