“I move, therefore I am.”

― Haruki Murakami

My Story

30 years of returning to the mat

When I began my yoga journey in the late 1980s, I knew right away that yoga was the path to healing my body, strengthening my self-confidence and challenging my limiting beliefs. More than anything else, getting on the mat got me out of my head and into my body and heart. My asana practice was my sanctuary and a great counterbalance to sitting all day in my job as an editor.

From student to teacher
My passion for yoga inspired me to start teaching in 1990. My journey began in a rifle range in a basement under a bowling alley! Even though it was dusty and loud, we all learned how to move our bodies with mindfulness and skill. I loved witnessing the positive effects of the practice light up the students in the class! I felt then, and continue to feel today, that I have a wonderful opportunity to help people feel connected in body, mind and heart through the practices of yoga.

Practice, study, move
These days, my teaching includes Critical Alignment™ yoga and therapy and Restorative Exercise™. This means my classes and private lessons are informed by my passion for mindful and healthy movement as well as my knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and alignment.


Paying it Forward

I have been blessed over the years to have been guided by so many wise and wonderful teachers. Each of my mentors has generously shared their teachings and insights. While I continue to be a student of the yoga path first and foremost, I am honoured to also share what I have learned with those who will, in turn, share it with others. I began teaching anatomy and biomechanics of yoga in 1996 and have been a facilitator in teacher training programs ever since. Along with by co-director, Alice Hong, I currently offer both 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Alliance recognized training programs.

Connect with Me
I am passionate about helping others thrive. I do this through private lessons, coaching on the go, group classes and more. I also pass on my love of yoga through teacher training programs. More than anything, my aim is to help you thrive through a mindful and movement-rich life.

“The beauty of yoga is that it integrates all aspects of you with yourself: it challenges your body, it clears your mind, it moves your stuck emotional energy and it inspires you to live a more balanced and awakened life. Yoga, in all its traditions and variations, is the path through which you can understand yourself more fully.” – Nora Maskey


Appreciation for Nora’s Teaching

Thank you Nora. I love your classes. I consider your studio my new yoga “home”. I have experienced more presence and glimpsed the possibility of peace and calm in my practice. I do have some challenges with my physiology but feel more optimistic that I can work with them with your support. – JN

I wasn’t new to Yoga when I started taking classes from Nora, but it wasn’t until Nora that I really understood what Yoga could and did do for me. With no exaggeration Nora’s classes changed my life. They obviously helped strengthen and encourage much more flexibility within my body, but what was truly amazing was the development of both strength and flexibility in my mind. The lessons I learned on my Yoga mat followed me into my day and remained with me ever after. It helped me to begin a journey of self exploration and development. It’s 4 years later and I’m still moving forward on that same path and loving where it takes me. I deal with my stress, my goals and life’s little disappointments in a new and much more powerful way and I am so grateful – Joy Gloer

I really love your teaching, you are so honest and genuine, and you infuse such joy! I just wanted you to know that for me, as a new-ish teacher, you are really an amazing role model, and I hope that I can share my love of yoga with my students as much as you do with yours! So thank you again! – Darcie

I feel so grateful to have found your yoga classes and to be one of your students. Your passion for yoga and your warm spirit shine through in your teaching and I feel privileged to be one of your students. Thank you, you are blessed with a gift. – Michelle

I so enjoy you as an instructor Nora and always learn so much. You explain well and have helped me “get it” where others have not. – Ann

I just wanted to let you know how your pre-talk to us last night really agreed with me! When you mentioned that yoga makes you “feel stronger”  it really resonated with me. I came to work today (looking good, as I felt good) and ready to face any challenge that was thrown my way. Your reasons for returning to your mat are very true for many of us and even though I don’t return to my mat as often as you do, I know when I do it is very valuable to my being. Thanks for being so honest with us. It makes our practice more meaningful too! – Colleen L.