20 Min: Meditation – formal seated practice
30 Min: Cardio – riding my stationary bike
78 Min: Asana
Movie Night: Oh My God – a Bollywood film. What fun!

Contemplation: Constancy


Cardio: I’m feeling stronger and have ventured into some interval training.

Meditation: On busy days, this still remains a challenge. It takes longer to be present for the mediation. Same as before: Keep practicing and let it go ….

Abstinence: TV – the only time I have missed it is on Sunday night as the opportunity to really wind down at the end of the week. This week I decided it would be OK to watch a movie. It was a nice change from reading about philosophy! Diet: Sticking with vegetarian meals – 2 smaller and one main a day.

I increased my time in headstand and divided it between my head stander and the floor. The head stander helps open up my shoulders so that when I am in headstand on the floor, my posture feels lighter and more integrated.

Sunday Sequence (45 Minutes)
5 Min: Supported Sirsasana – Head Stand using the Head Stander
5 Min: Laying over my back bender. You can arc your back over a chair that has a bolster propped on it for head support.
5 Min: Laying over a Bolster placed across mid upper back. Legs out straight, arms relaxed overhead.


5 Min: Supported Supta Virasana – laying lengthwise over a bolster
5 Min: Supported Setu Bandhasana – laying lengthwise over a bolster, head and shoulders on floor
5 Min: Laying over my back bender with head and shoulders on floor.
10 Min: Ujjayi Pranayama while laying on bolster with head support, pelvis and lower body on floor.


5 Min: Savasana