Gao Xiaoli Photo

20 Min: Meditation – formal seated practice
30 Min: Cardio – riding my stationary bike
35 Min: Asana
Study, reading, contemplation. Still reading Matthew Remski’s Threads of Yoga as well as Yogic Teachings of Jesus. 

Contemplation: Abhyasana and Vairagya.


Cardio: This week I challenged myself to pedal a bit faster and get my heart rate up a bit more. I missed my bike ride on Saturday so I added it to my Sunday practice.

Meditation: It was a busy week and when I feel pressed for time, it is hard to focus!

Abstinence: TV –continuing to stay away from TV. Diet: Sticking with vegetarian meals – 2 smaller and one main a day.

I enjoy the days when the Sadhana Manual doesn’t have a lot of detail I continue to explore on my own.

Sunday Sequence (35 Minutes)
5 Min: Sirsasana
5 Min: Laying over a Bolster placed across mid upper back. Legs out straight, arms relaxed out to sides.


5 Min: Laying over two Bolsters placed across mid upper back. Legs out straight, arms relaxed overhead.
5 Min: Laying over my back bending bench.  I put my black strap on the bench and explored some movement while I got some good released along my spine.
5 Min: Supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – lengthwise over bolster with head and shoulders on the floor
5 Min: Seated Pranayama – Nadi Shodhana
5 Min: Savasana