This beautiful meditation is edited from original prayer by Sherri Stockman. May it inspire you as it has me!
With love and gratitude,

I give my consent, all of me, to go with my higher Self today: where it takes me and all it leads me to do.

I realize that my current reality is meant to be. Right Here. Right Now.

I consent, and I go with this flow of amazing and wondrous energy, created specifically to carry me on this journey – the destination and the journey being One.

Everywhere I AM is sacred, and I release the tired, negative limitations of my history. I go forth in gratitude and realization of the perfection that always IS, and I get on with Life.

I am in the realization that desire is in me to tell me where to go. The Universe tells me what I’m good at, what I’m here for, where I belong.

Living in healthy ways leads me to the best life I can imagine, and then takes me beyond even that.

Following my heart teaches me, and leads me exactly where the Universe has built a place for me; and I live inside that place all day each day, all night each night, all-ways.

I belong here.

I am a cell in the body of the Universe, and my ego stays in service of my highest guidance each moment; it keeps me in synchronicity, for there is no friction in the flow of the Universe. All is One.

I live in Love, and Love nourishes me, even beyond my awareness to ask.

I feel gratitude to the Universe: for my being designed this way, for bringing me synchronicity,

and love,

and the abundance of my purpose here – to constantly express my Self.

In doing this, I manifest my life purpose here and now, and fully in-joy each moment: the joy of being in the right place at the right time, and reaping the fullest benefits.

I AM here.