Spring is here! Despite a bit of snow, I can feel the stirrings of new life around me as we emerge from the dark time of the year into the season of growth. Perhaps it is a reflection of the changes happening in my life that I am noticing the singing of the birds and the greening of the grass.

One the the changes I am most excited about is the launching of this new web site. This is my first blog, so welcome! Having a blog connected with my web site provides a venue for current news and updates and is a space for me to share my love of yoga with you. This blog also gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts with me, too.

On April 1, I took possession of my new space, The Yoga Salon, on 17th Avenue SW. The photo above is what it looked like before the demolition began. This whole process brings to mind the goddesses Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi. Kali comes first. She is the goddess of destruction. I needed to clear away the old to make room for the new. This is the way of nature. Last year’s plants have died off over the winter and become the foundation for new growth. Part of the clearing away included the removal of the cabinets against the west wall. They were big and heavy and took four of us to disassemble. Thank you to Kata, Lise and Chrys for helping with the demolition!

Once the cabinets were hauled away (two truck loads and almost $900 later – yes they were that big and heavy!) repair work began on the walls. Thank you to Kata, Brian, Kelly and Matt for wielding the spackle and sanders!

Over the long weekend, my hubby and I have been patching and painting the walls. It is amazing how a bit of fresh paint can breathe new life into a space! But it is slow work. As much as I want to see results now, I need to be patient. Everything needs to happen in sequence. Nature is orderly. This is the lesson of Saraswati, the goddess of eduction.

My goal is to have the space ready by May 7. There is a step in the process that is out of my hands. The landlord is installing a bathroom in the space so we won’t need to share with the hair salon. I will have to wait until the city issues the required permits for this project.

I have faith that it will all work out in the end and we will have a gorgeous space for yoga classes. Just like the first stirrings of spring lead to the beauty and fullness of summer, the Yoga Salon will blossom into a great space for us to practice in! This is the beauty and abundance represented by Lakshmi.

I will keep you posted with this transformation, before and after photos included.