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Home Practice

Get on your mat with me!

Can’t make it to class? No problem. Join me for these short practices and get your yoga on!

Cultivating Calm 27:29 min.
Mellow Monday 58:24 min
Receiving Support 41:16 min
Earth: Coming Home. Intermediate 52:54 min.
Glaucoma Friendly Yoga 1 23:53 min
Glaucoma Friendly Yoga 2: 22:08 min.
Yoga Reset 1: 23:04 min.
Yoga Reset 2: 16:30 min.
Yoga Reset 3: 22:04 min.
Moon Salutation: 11:33 min.
Kali Cycle 9:34 min.


Guided Practices

Practice Tips

Get on your mat with me!

These short videos feature tips and techniques to help your poses!

Weight Back in Mountain Pose
What's Kidney Loop?
Moving from the Hips in Triangle
Moving the Pelvis in Twists
Redwood Tree Pose
Moving the Pelvis in Ardha Matsyendrasana
Strappy Hamstring Stretch

Functional Movement

Restorative Exercises

Alignment and Movement matter. Become a better mover with these short videos!

Building Connections in Lower Body
Calf Stretch
Pelvic Listing
Top of the Foot Stretch
Align your Knee Pits